Betrayal……….by whom. Part 3.



July 2016, Mumbai, India.

“Oye, Am I looking like a fool to you? Shut up and give the bag to her”. Said a man in his mid twenties.

“Trust me dev bhayya this bag is mine. Ye ladki jhoot bol rahi hai.” said a boy in green T-shirt and jeans.

“Nahi dev bhayya, woh bag mera hai, he is telling lies ” said a girl in blue top and jeans.

“OK wait both are saying it belongs to you right, so tell me what is in the bag” 

” vo…… bhai…….my mother packed this bag…….. so I don’t know what is in it” said the girl.

” dekha bhai she is not the owner of the bag. Now I will tell you what is in it. There are three pairs of lehangas, one make up kit, one carriage box,  jwellery, and some waste papers. Check it bhai if you want “said the boy.

After checking the bag the man said ” arrey tum sach keh rah ho, dekho ladki this bag belongs to this person, OK.” Saying so he is about to give the bag to the person but a strong hand stopped it.

“Who’s bag is this” asked the police officer.

“It belongs to the boy who is in green T-shirt.” Said the crowd.

“Then Mr you are under arrest for planning a bomb blast in the public places ” said the officer.

“Hey what are you telling nothing is there in this bag except some clothes if you want ask everyone present here” said a confused boy.

” ji Saab nothing is there in his bag only clothes and jwellery is there” 

“wahi toh, this person already  planted a bomb in railway station and in the clock room” 

” but sir this bag is mine and I don’t know about any bomb. I am going to my friend’s wedding. “Said the girl sobbing.

” Oye ladki jyada drama mat karna, tell the truth you are planning to bomb blast and trapping innocents like me na. Sir please check her completely who knows she is wearing a human bomb”said the boy.

“But why must we check her the bag is yours right, so you before doing any drama come to the police station ”

” arey sir why are you not understanding, this bag is not mine, she left her bag and was talking in phone so I stole it. Arrest her not me” said the boy fearing about bomb blasts.

“So the bag is not yours,ha” asked dev.

“From when I am saying it, it’s not my bag” he bit his tongue realizing what he said.

“Ladki take your bag and be careful next time. Chintu drop her in the wedding ” said dev.

“Thank you bhai”saying so the girl left with her bag giving a clear view of the person DEV BHAYYA.

He is a man of 6 feet with a good physic. He has a dark brown eyes and dark hair with few follicles falling on his forehead giving him a boyish look. And more over he is a look alike of MAAN SINGH KHURANA.  Looking at the boy he said

” come let’s play holi” 

” sorry bhayya I will never tell lies please don’t beat me” but he turned deaf ears to his pleas

. He suddenly stopped playing holi (according to his language playing holi means giving punches) seeing a elderly person in his mid 60’s giving a angry glare to him.

“Baba, when did you came” asked dev.

“First come to home I’ll tell you when I came and what I saw” saying so devs father went away. Giving a last look to the boy he went away along with his friend.

        “Welcome Sir, how is your holi celebration. Did it go well?” 

“Baba…. say slowly amma will listen” 

“oh really, now see what I will do. Dev ki ma, please come here, your son is in festive season. Come fast.”   

“Ji he is your son also. And hamesha why are you back of him. Bechara bachha ko enjoy karne dijiye”a woman around the age of Baba said it.

“Thank you amma, and Baba what did I do, I just saved  a girl that’s all”  

” ha by playing holi on roads ha. Really a great work. Do you know what your great son did, he is fighting on the road like fiddler . Not only that, this lucky( dev’s friend ) acted like a policeman. Both of them are looting people.” 

“Baba ek holi ki kimat tum kya jaano” said lucky in a dramatic way.

“Shut up, first learn the dialogue properly and say. And again if I see you both fighting on the road then God only will save you. Understand. ”  saying so Baba went inside his room.

“Beta kya hua ye holi kya hai beech mein” asked a confused amma.

“Leave it na amma it’s nothing.  I am feeling hungry” saying that both dev and lucky escaped from there.
            “Beta eat some more na. In these days you have lost your weight see”said amma giving lucky two more aloo poori.

“No amma it’s enough if I will eat more than I will become fat. I’m dating now so I don’t want “said lucky.

“Array pagal it’s dieting not dating “said Baba while coughing.

“Amma please sit down and eat. How long are you planning to stand. Come eat.” Saying that dev gave a morsel of food to his mother which bought tears in everyone’s eyes.

“Beta, you are there to take care of us but what about you, if something happens to us one day then who will look after you “said amma while caressing dev’s head.

“Amma don’t talk rubbish nothing will happen to you”said dev while feeding her.

“Now don’t you dare to change the topic . She is speaking about your marriage, are you having any plans to marry or will you stay….. ummmm….what is that…….ha playing holi,hmmm?” Said Baba.

“Baba I said na I will marry, let my soul mate come. Till then no arguments, please complete your dinner and sleep. I’m feeling sleepy”dev faked a yawn and went to his room. “Kitna dramatic hain yeah” saying that they completed their dinner and went away. Dev just closed his eyes and was thinking about today’s conversation about marriage and smiling how he escaped saying some silly reasons. Suddenly he saw beautiful pair of eyes in his sleep warning him” I HATE LIES” gasping for air he woke up and realized it was a dream. Indeed a beautiful dream.   


Same day, lavish restaurant , Canada.

                       A man in his mid twenties was sitting in a cozy place of the restaurant. He was wearing a deep blue shirt with grey coat and jeans. He is continually seeing his Rolex watch which proves that he is waiting for someone. “Sir do you need anything ” politely asked a waiter. “No, I am expecting someone. Did anyone come for me” the man asked. “Let me check sir. Please can you tell your name Sir. ”      “Adarsh……….Adarsh KHURANA ” the man said his name proudly.  “Sorry sir, no one came. I’ll surely let you know if anyone comes” saying that the waiter left the place. Adarsh was waiting since past one hour for HER.  Thinking about her itself bought a smile on his face. Oh how he missed her. He just want to crush her in his arms with a bone crushing hug. But will she agree if I hug her like that, leave about hug it’s really very difficult to talk with her. Pagal madrasan.  I still couldn’t believe THE GREAT ADARSH KHURANA IN LOVE that to with a simple, soft spoken, Madrasi. Waiting is not on my list for sure but she added it. Oh my God what all I have done just to look at her, everything with her is a first time for me. Uff people says  love is blind. But for me love with HER is like a banjaara finding a home, lifeless body getting life, a person with less words like me chatting nineteen to dozens. OMG I have just said a love quote. Let me add these lines also to my dairy. Saying that he started writing those lines which he thought about HER. With dreamy eyes he whispered “COME SOON. ITS LIKE HELL WITHOUT YOU EVEN A MINUTE “.  Saying that he drifted into his past.



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