Betrayal ……….by whom part 2.



“Where is he. Its already two weeks we last saw him but still we  didn’t get any information, ha?” Screamed Adi concerned.

“Please calm down Sir, we are trying our level  best to find him “said the detectives.

“Please make it fast,I need the information at any cost” nodding their heads they again were on the search for him.

“Please come back. Where did you go ? I am feeling scared” two drops of tears left his eyes. 


                   “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYING? ARE YOU MAD” screamed Adi in his phone.

“Sir please listen, “the detective’s said.

“What listen ha, do you even know what you are saying? How can you say he is dead ha”  

“sir please listen to us we are not saying MSK is dead but there are chances right”  

“No, you are wrong. I am not going to come and you also leave that place and search for him”  

After a long time Adi agreed for coming to see the dead body with thudding heart.

“Sir we found a body near the river side. He was shot with many bullets in his chest and forehead. And I think it was done by some robbers” said the detective.

“And why are you so confident that it was done by robbers”  

“because sir he doesn’t have his wallet, and other valuables with him. There are even some marks on his neck and wrist. Which clearly proves that he is been robbed.” 

“OK where is the body” Adi asked swallowing the painful lump in his throat.

“Sir this way. Here it is” saying that he removed the white cloth on the body.

Adi stumbled few steps seeing him like that. No it’s not possible how can he leave like that. He asked me to take rest and he said he will call me everyday. Then why is he laying down without saying anything.  Oh poor baby, he didn’t know anything except being selfless, then why is God so cruel to him.

Doesn’t he know we can’t live without him. And how can I bring him back. All his thoughts we’re disturbed by a tap on his shoulders.

” Sir are you listening ”

” hmmm, what were you saying” asked Adi composing himself.

“Sir is he Maan Singh KHURANA for whom we are searching” asked the detective.

A thin layer of tears started to form in Adi ‘s eyes but he made himself strong and said

” no he is not Maan Singh KHURANA for whom we are searching. He is some other person. And you people can stop your search and leave from here. Good bye. Your task has been completed ” 

” but sir what will we do with this body” 

“that is my problem. I’ll handle it. And for now please move from here”

.  They all left him alone with the dead body. As soon as they left him he started sobbing like a kid without control. “Is it nice, you have left me alone here. See just because of your selfless nature. Why, why why why……. why” he started screaming like a maniac while beating him with his fits, but he was ice cold without any movement.

Completing the last rituals he came back with a determination to find out the actual reason behind his death. Yes he is not a fool to believe that he was killed by robbers for money. He can clearly understand that they are trying to divert the topic as if he was murdered by some unknown.

But the only doubt he is having is why the hell anyone comes to this place for some meeting at that hour. Someone did it on purpose and I won’t leave them.


            Continuous ringing of his phone bought him out of his thoughts. Wiping his tears he picked phone and before he says something there was a concerned voice being heard

“Adi beta is everything alright. Where is Maan beta, and why is he not lifting his phone. What happened ” a concerned suhasini asked.

He wanted scream listening her concerned voice” No everything is not alright. I really need a shoulder to cry.  ”  but wiping his tears he said

” ji madam ……everything is……fine….Sir is little busy….that’s all…..”   

  ” no you are lying ,something is wrong. Why are you crying?” 

“No amma I am not…… crying it’s just that I am feeling cold “he said trying hard to control his tears.

“Really Adi, it’s two years you have joined KHURANA office in London branch and I know you very well  since then. So now urgently pack your bags along with Maan betas and come to India. And don’t give me any excuses about Maan being busy. He didn’t come for Adarsh send off, Diwali, holi, rakhi, on his birthday etc etc. Now ask him not give any excuses tell him that I am feeling scared. Even some people from his office are saying that he didn’t attend any of his meeting in London. Is he having any problems? ” asked a wailing suhasini. 

Composing himself he said ” ma, please don’t worry I am coming there soon and I will talk to you.bye” without hearing further he cut the call and started crying heavily. 

“What will I say to her. She must be thinking that her son is fine. How can I say her that no need wait for him as he will never return. Please give me strength God as I am going to India”.


January 2016, KHURANA MANSION, India.

“What happened to Maan beta? He must be with you only, right. Then how did he go missing, ha? Asked suhasini.

“We don’t know madam, I was not feeling well suddenly, so sir asked me to take rest. That is the last time I saw him ” explained Adi.

“I think Maan beta was kidnapped!” Said chote mama.

“What? But who will kidnap him and how can you say it” asked Adi.

“Why not, he is a business man and people can do anything for money. Kyun bhayya” he asked looking at bade mama.

“Hey why are you asking me as if I did something ha” said a confused bade mama.

“Because you have kidnapped him for money. From first day itself you are eating this family’s money, who knows that you didn’t kidnap him,ha”

” oh really, do you have proofs for that. No right! Now I will show 100s of proofs against you wait here I will bring them. ” saying so bade mama went to his room and closed the doors.

“mr anurag” they called from outside.

It was nearly 30 minutes and bade mama didn’t come out. So they thought of breaking the door. “OMG, he escaped from the window ” 

” dekha this itself proves that he kidnapped our Maan beta. Now please go and search for him” said chote mama.

“Yes sir” saying so Adi and his team members went away.

“I hope everything is fine. I can’t tolerate if anything happens to him” suhasini and other women bursted into tears.

“Please you people don’t cry. We will find our Maan beta fit and fine” they consoled themselves.



19 thoughts on “Betrayal ……….by whom part 2.

  1. Fantastic Update
    Maan PA kills him so she must have perhaps been after some revenge or someone else
    has hired her to kill Maan
    why is Maan’s family so greedy and they also seem like they hiding some important information
    Adi lies about Maan and I’m sure he thought to buy some time as it would be difficult to tell Maan’s mother her son is dead

    Liked by 1 person

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