Betrayal……by whom. Part 1


2001, Inter school competitions,new Delhi, India.

There is a hustle among the audience, some are cheering for their  team while some are silently praying. Everyone present there wants their kids to win and Suhasini  is no less.

She is continuously praying for her children to win. But the problem is both of them are not in single team, they are playing for opposite team. Suddenly there was only name being heard that is maan.

Adarsh team is bravo and maans team is Charlie. Bravo team got 198 runs score and Adarsh did single century. Charlie team score is 100/1. They need to get 99 runs more to win the match. Now maan is batting and the whole auditorium is cheering for him.

It was really a sunny day and all the players cared less, as they knew how they worked for this day particularly this match. Everyone wants to be MAN OF THE MATCH but only few can get such opportunity.

Until now Adarsh can be man of the match as no one didn’t beat his score. Now the whole auditorium is silent in anticipation. The score is 195/2 only four runs to win the MATCH. Maan closed his seeing his brother’s dull face. Both of them practiced too hard for this title Man of the MATCH, but now he sighed.

As calculated Maan gave a four shot and didn’t move from his place. Because he knows if give even a single run he will be man of the match, which he doesn’t want hurting his brother. And he didn’t fail their team as promised. AND now the winner is Charlie team and MAN of the MATCH title goes to Adarsh.

Everyone are rejoicing their victory, and Maan got double happy seeing both his brother and his team winning.

“Congratulations Maan, I am so proud of you “said suhasini kissing his forehead.

“But bhabi, Adarsh won the title right then why are you appreciating him”asked curious bade mama.

” maybe you didn’t notice what my Maan did, he acted more maturely in the MATCH. For his brother’s happiness he sacrificed the title and being a player in his team he won his team.”  And Maan was surprised to know how his mother can voice out his feelings.

He felt really lucky to have a mother like suhasini. Hugging and congratulating both Adarsh and Maan they left the auditorium and started to their home.

2003, khurana office, Maan cabin, new Delhi.

“Mama, Mama ” shouted Maan looking at some file in his hand. 

“Kya hua beta” came running into his cabin while asking.

“What is it? We have a record stating that according to this project we must give the worker’s 2000/- rs per day and here in worker’s register it was written 200/-rs per day. Where is the remaining money going? ” asked a confused Maan.

“We don’t know beta, mr. sharma  Deals with daily wages account so let’s ask him” saying so bade mama asked the security to call Mr sharma upstairs in their cabin.

“So Mr sharma can you please explain me where is the remaining amount going which is meant for the workers daily wages? And why are the workers getting only 200 rs when it is 2000 rs per day?”asked Maan politely. 

“Sir…… vo…….sir…….vo……money…….me……I…….. sir…….means…….” sharma fumbled with his words.

“What vo sir vo sir,ha? Bolti band ho gayi Kya after your truth getting exposed,hmmm? Not more I have given you chance So that you will change but today you crossed it, now I’ll tell your complete truth to Maan beta” shouted chote Mama.

“What truth” 

“beta, this sharma has been cheating since he joined in our company. Even your father also was cheated by him. He has been writing fake accounts and eating the money which is meant for the worker’s. I have been giving him chance so that he will change one day but no,he didn’t ” explained bade mama.

All the while Mr sharma was sweating and breathing heavily.

“Sir……I…….means…….no………you….money…” again started fumbling but was cut by maans roaring voice which made everyone stumble.

“Enough, why did you do it ,ha? My father trusted and he treated like a family member but you, you have broken the trust. Didn’t we give you everything even before you asking,then why. Congratulations, you lost  your place in our family. Now get out from here” screamed Maan.

It was two days after that incident but still he couldn’t believe sharma could do this. While he is going to his room he heard sharmas name from one room. Following the voice he went forward only to be shocked seeing his bade and chote mama talking about sharma.

” oye you are really very brave, I was really scared when Maan was asking about records, but you blamed everything on sharma.” Said bade mama.

“Arrey nahi toh Kya uss sharma ne mujhe warning diya, he gave me chance for changing, how dare he?  And you are not less ha what an idea sir ji” saying so both the mama’s are laughing but suddenly stopped listening maan’s voice.

” Aap log ne mujhe dhoka diya,ha. Kyun didn’t you get your wishes being fulfilled, then what is need to steel money. Hell you can just ask me money, but because of you I have blamed a innocent soul. Chii ”

” sorry beta please forgive us, we will never repeat the mistakes again. Please don’t tell anyone about it. “They both pleaded him.

” I may forgive your deeds for the sake of the family, but I will never forget it” saying so he went from the room. Both of them were happy as Maan didn’t say about it to anyone.

2004, white royal car, new Delhi, India.

Both Maan and Adarsh we’re having good time enjoying ice cream in the summer. After their ice cream was completed they started going to home back.

Both of them were enjoying the city view from the car window. Suddenly there was a speed truck coming from opposite sides. Both of them were scared not knowing what to do Maan hugged his baby brother completely covering him with his own body.


Everyone in the family were surprised as it was a big accident and it was done intentionally to hurt them. They we’re business rivals and they are rivals from their growth of their company.

Maan was severely injured and was admitted in the hospital and Adarsh got few scratches on his arms. The whole family is now scared as they are thinking it’s something related to kundali and went to the astrologer after Maan got discharged.

Pundit was keenly observing the kundali and said” All the problems are going to get their answers in 2016. Even by taking anyone’s life but you’ll get your answers. Until then you have to be strong to face them” everyone gasped listening his words. Now they are really scared.

2016, khurana office, London.

“Am I having any meetings Mona? “Asked Maan.

“No sir, you have a last meeting at midnight 1:45”

“but why at midnight we can schedule it to morning right “? 

” yes sir but Mr oberio said it would be easy as there won’t be much crowd to disturb the meeting at this hour” 

“hmmm, then OK fix the meeting. And as it’s already 12:30 in the mid night it’s better if we go now ” 

“yes sir, I will inform them about the meeting “saying so she immersed herself in the laptop.  She is dedicated to work and such a hard working employee Maan thought.

“OK. Sir they are on the way ”

“OK let’s go”  saying both of them moved to the meeting spot.

“Why are no one here Mona ”

  ” I don’t know sir, they must be here by now, lemme check it”   

“OK you check it, meanwhile let me check Adi’s health, don’t know he is fine or not” saying he moved to the river side.

Maan stood facing the river while talking in his Bluetooth. As it was 2 in night, in winter season no one are roaming on the roads. Though there was continues snowfall he cared less and still concentrated on his talks until some unbearable pain touched his back with a lightening speed.

It took few seconds to understand for him to analyse the situation. HE was SHOT. He fell with a thud on the ground and he saw a girl, no not girl his P.A. whom he trusted enough to come with him was till holding the gun pointing towards him.

She bent and grabbed his chain, wallet, phone, watch and stood up. The last thing he heard was” HAPPY JOURNEY MAAN SINGH KHURANA” with that she shot him until there were no bullets in the Gun.



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