Maan singh khurana- 27 year old business man.Loves his family than anything, can do anything for his family.

Dev kiloskar/ YASH SCINDIA- Look alike of Maan Singh khurana.

Adarsh khurana – 26 years old completed MBA and enjoying world tour. Though he is 26 years but his family he is till a cutie pie.

Geet Handa – 24 years old and loves socialservice. Well cultured, well mannered,and loud.     

Swadeenta Iyer- 24 years old mysterious character.

Ashok handa- Father of Geet and local Don. He does small settlements.

  Suhasini khurana – A lovable lady mother of maan and Adarsh. Her husband died when maan is 8 and Adarsh is 7 years old.

Bade mama and mami – They are ghar jamai and wants to eat khurana earning.

Chote mama and mami- same like bade mama mami.

Avdoot and kalindi kiloskar – Parents of dev kiloskar.

Remaining characters are introduced as the story continues. 



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