About my blog.

Namaste and welcome! This is Laughingpearls writing blog. Here you can find a huge selection of writing based on Fictional characters. One shots, short stories, fan fictions and some creative polls etc will be published here as well as my Facebook Page, on India Forums and also on my private blog.

Disclaimer: As a fan, I only use the characters from Indian television mostly. All original additional plots, sequences and ideas are mine. Any original character I create that is not a part of the original show is wholly mine. I have no intention in hurting you with my work. Remember its just a fiction.



Because you are my mirrorFF: Because you are my mirror (Asya Arsh) twin ksg

wp-1474781438382.pngFF: Fan (Ishra)

20160711104051.jpgFF: Betrayal ………..for you (maaneet Arshi)

FF: Devastated shattered soul (maaneet)

LAUGHINGPEARLS FF MILKE BHIFF: Milke bhi hum na mile tumse na jaane kyun (Maaneet)

wp-1480592432498.pngFF: When I met you (Maaneet)

laughingpearls ff marriage fading loveSS: Marriage………..Fading love (All versions)

wp-1483708834573.jpegSS: D FOR DANCE

wp-1482743318581.jpegFF: The brutal beast (maaneet)

wp-1482743230645.jpegFF: The brutal beast(shivika)

MG FF: Kyun kwabon pe tere saye hai

AK FF: Kyun kwabon pe tere saaye hai




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